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eppfun AK8675 Fiber Bluetooth Adapter with Aptx LL/HD/Adaptive

eppfun AK8675 Fiber Bluetooth Adapter with Aptx LL/HD/Adaptive

SKU: AK8675

【Versatile Transmitter & Receiver】eppfun AK8675 Bluetooth transmitter/receiver allows to connect Bluetooth speakers or headphones to your existing TV. This means you don’t need to buy another TV just to be able to enjoy the wireless freedom of Bluetooth. Equipped with latest mature Qulacomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip, not only helps to upgrade your old audio devices to Bluetooth capable without replacing them.

【aptX Low Latency】 The eppfun audio adapter aptX Low Latency certified. When (and ONLY WHEN) used with a Bluetooth headphones/speaker /Soundbar that also supports aptX Low Latency, it will deliver the ultimate “no lip sync delay” experience, ensuring perfectly synced visual and audio no matter what you watch. (Support APTX LL/ SBC/aptX/aptX-HD).

【Wide Compatibility】The Transmitter (TX) mode: works with any TV that has an audio output port, and it can be paired with any headphone/speaker that’s Bluetooth enabled. In Receiver (RX) mode: it can receive wireless audio signals from your iPhone, iPad or Android via Bluetooth and stream audio into any wired speaker system. (Bypass) mode: Bypass connects an input directly through to the connected output, and will neither transmit nor receive.

【Dual-Link, Two Headphones Together】Dual-link function that allows two Bluetooth headphones/speakers to be connected at the same time, audio will play through both devices simultaneously. Enjoy a late-night watching TV film with a partner, at your own volumes, without awaking others in your household.

【Long Range, Stronger Connection】eppfun AK8675 Equipped with the highest Bluetooth technology and with dual antennas. Long range Bluetooth adapter tested can achieve a range up to 260ft (80m) line-of-sight in open air and up to 80-110ft (25-35m) indoors. NOTE: Operation range can be affected by Wi-Fi routers, Wireless TV adapters, physical obstructions like walls, metal obstacles etc. and also depended on receiving device.

  • Home Stereo TV Bluetooth Adapter

    eppfun AK8675 Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver for Home Stereo TV, Qualcomm aptX HD Low Latency & Audiophile DAC Wireless HiFi Audio Adapter, Optical RCA AUX 3.5mm Outputs/Inputs

Color: Black
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