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eppfun AK3046D Fiber Coaxial  Blutooth Transmitter with Aptx LL/HD/Adaptive

eppfun AK3046D Fiber Coaxial Blutooth Transmitter with Aptx LL/HD/Adaptive

SKU: AK3046D
  • APTX-Adaptive HD Transmitter: Adaptive chip with Qualcomm aptX-Adaptive low latency encoder, audio delay minimized to about 60ms, Bluetooth transmitter provides fully synchronized audio and video.
  • Bluetooth 5.2: Designed using the latest version of Bluetooth 5.2 technology, it has four times the range and twice the speed of previous versions of Bluetooth, allowing your device to provide more stable wireless.
  • Input Method: USB power drive. Compatible with 3.5mm AUX / RCA / coaxial digital audio (COAXIAL) / optical digital (SPDIF OPTICAL).
  • Operating System: Ps4/5 OS/Windows/Android OS. If your TV does not support USB audio output, you will need to connect the transmitter to a power source via USB and then connect it via RCA/ Coaxial Digital Audio (COAXIAL)/Optical Digital (SPDIF OPTICAL).
  • Audio decoding support: aptX-Adaptive /aptxX LL/ Aptx /Aptx HD/ SBC. In addition to SBC and aptX-Adaptive, it supports low-latency aptX LL and sound quality-oriented aptX HD audio codec ** NOTE ** The headphones you use must also support the same standard.
  • If the connection is unstable, the surrounding radio waves may be interfering. Check the following points: Wi-Fi environment is interfering, microwave oven, cordless phone, etc. are nearby, another Bluetooth device is nearby, etc.
  • Warranty Period: eppfun Bluetooth Audio Transmitter, 12 Months Warranty and 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Request: If you have any troubles or problems in using the service, we will be able to provide you with more detailed information if you provide us with the information you are using.
  • Bluetooth 5.2 Transmitter with COAXIAL Optical

    eppfun AK3046D Bluetooth 5.2 Qualcomm aptX-Adaptive HD Transmitter with 3.5mm AUX/RCA/COAXIAL/SPDIF Optical, SBC / aptX /aptX-ll Low Latency Dual Connection Audio Adapter for TV PC (Black)

Color: Black
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